Background of the area

Gauteng, ‘the place of gold’, has been referred to as the commercial heart of South Africa- with its electric energy and vibrant atmosphere. It has become known as the “powerhouse” of the country.

Gauteng is essentially cosmopolitan and is home to three very important areas: the city of Johannesburg, which is the unofficial economic centre of South Africa; secondly Pretoria, the administrative capital; and lastly, the colourful and culturally-significant township of Soweto.

It is home to numerous restaurants, jazz haunts, art galleries and clubs, as well as some of South Africa’s most impressive shopping centres. These provide everything from designer labels to bona fide African arts and crafts.

Gauteng is an urban hub worth exploring: From its museums and nature reserves by day, through to its rich nightlife. However, one need not limit oneself to the city areas! There are world-renowned attractions on the outskirts of the province such as the ‘Cradle of Humankind’, which explores our human ancestry, as well as the Magaliesburg mountain range and the Vaal River.

In Gauteng you can experience the best of modern cosmopolitan Africa, cutting-edge technology and ingenious design, a rich focus on music and entertainment and a respect for recent South African history.

Our Services

With Gauteng being the business hub of South Africa, there is something to suit your every need. It is no wonder you may be interested in buying a home and investing in this ever expanding province.

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