Bianca writes…

Thank you so much for all your help!

Trevor, I would like to thank you for your outstanding service throughout this process.  I made an enquiry with your head office, within minutes I had a call back from you representing the KZN region and received a same day appointment due to my urgency plea.  You explained the entire process thoroughly and easily for me to understand, you did what needed to be done and just got on with it.  The final report I received was so comprehensive and detailed and has allowed us to make a very urgent and informed decision about the health of our family. Thank you so much for all your help Trevor, it is really appreciated.  Will definitely recommend your company going forward.

Zakia Kajee

Thoroughly impressed!

As first time buyers of a home, we were thoroughly impressed by the services offered by Home Inspection KZN. Trevor was extremely professional, punctual and accommodating despite short notice. They not only provided a highly detailed report, highlighting issues that are currently present as well as possible future issues that may arise, they also assisted with providing invaluable insight needed for purchasing a property and protecting the buyer. I would highly recommend their services and will definitely use them in any further property acquisitions.
Thank you Home Inspection KZN and Trevor!

Riaz, Western Cape

Hello Eben…

… We have reviewed your report. It is very comprehensive and will be very valuable to us in the coming months as we return the house to a good state of repair.

Thank you very much. It really has been a pleasure working with you, and we are very grateful for this information.

Kind Regards

Lilly Shabangu

Thank you for giving me such a reliable and professional service…

…during my search for a home. Jean Marc’s report is detailed and very comprehensive. Jean -Marc applies the fine tooth comb concept well in delivering home inspection reports and services. In dealing with Jean – Marc I have found that all aspects a buyer would be concerned about are always covered in such clear and understandable language that it makes decision making on such a huge investment, stress free. The service is also a highly professional one and from start to finish, deliverable are met on time and done thouroughly with lots of attention to detail. I would recommend Jean- Marc’s services to any commercial or residential property purchaser for absolute peace of mind property buying. Continue doing the great work you do guys!

Welile Soko

We received excellent services…

…which put or minds at ease considering how stressful buying a home can be. The staff are helpful and attentive, also very accommodating and they answered all our questions. I would really recommend their services especially for first time home buyers.

Akinwale Ayeni

Outstanding service. Thoroughly professional.

I contacted Home Inspection Services because of their overwhelmingly positive reviews and the information available on their website. I’m certainly happy I did!

The service was simply amazing, and I say this in the true sense of the word.

From the time I contacted them to the time the job was completed (which was literally 3-4 working days), everything about the way Jean-Marc and colleagues conducted themselves oozed of class and professionalism.

Jean-Marc and his colleague were thoroughly efficient during inspection.

I was present at the inspection and he took his time to explain relevant aspects/concepts regarding the property, even offering advice on the best probable cause of action, where necessary, including applicable professional referral.

The report was ready within 24 hours and I wondered how they got that much information about the property in a couple of hours of inspection!

The report generated by Darren and Jean-Marc can only be described as splendid. Their report contains all that’s needed not only to aid your transaction negotiations but also for your own record and peace of mind.

Buying or selling? DO NOT conclude that transaction without Home Inspection Services’ input. You won’t be disappointed.

Brandon Benatar

Home inspection services were...

… incredibly thorough and professional in their inspection. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would like an inspection done on thier home. They gave me great peace of mind before purchasing a property.

Mosima Pheeha

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better inspection service!!!

Jean-Marc and one of his partners Jack were very professional and extremely helpful. My partner and I are 1st time buyers and we just needed to feel confident about our 1st home purchase and we also wanted to make sure that we were getting good value for our money. We were present during the inspection and Jean-Marc patiently explained everything that was of note and even gave us some valuable tips & advise. He’s really knowledgeable in his work and very reliable. Moreover, we received a report of the inspection the following day in the morning. The report was well prepared and easily understandable. We are very happy with their services, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better inspection service!!!

Komapi Alie

Extremely Professional

Jean-Marc and his team are extremely professional in their line of work. I almost bought property that was going to cost me well over R250K in roofing repairs/re-roofing and Marc picked it up before I made an offer to purchase. If it was not for him and his team I would have been in a world of Sh*t.

He inspected the second property professionally, timeously and with patience. He sent me all videos taken and advised me on a way forward. I just completed the sale of the property without any hassles.

Please use his services, he comes strongly recommended.

Shaaista Mahomed

Thank you so much Jean-Marc and team!

Jean-Marc and his team went above and beyond my expectations. They are efficient, professional, helpful and most friendly. I have had the best experience using Home Inspections Services. His report blew me away not only because of the timeous delivery but also because of how thorough it was in terms of detail. This team more than delivered on what was promised. Their service is excellent both before and after their inspections. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much Jean-Marc and team!

Kamos Sikeha

I received great service…

…from Home Inspection Services. Jean-Marc is very knowledgeable and did a thorough inspection. He also gave me some useful tips on maintenance for the house, which I’m sure will be extremely valuable in the long run. It will most likely save me a lot of money, the service is worth every cent spent. I would definitely recommend Home Inspection Services.


Thank you!

A big thank you to Home Inspection Services, and especially to Eben! I had my apartment checked because the tenants were worried about asbestos, and Eben handled it all very professionally. He dealt with the property management company and the tenants to set up the inspection, and provided a thorough report. I could not have asked for an easier process. Thank you!


Lenn and Jean-Marc are absolute professionals.

I cannot remember the last time I experienced such good customer services through out the entire process. 

Our report was comprehensive and easy to understand; providing a lot of valuable insight into the house and not just identifying issues. 

I highly recommend Home Inspection.

Tyler Dolan

Eben and his team were great

Eben and his team were great, they gave us valuable feedback about the home we are purchasing and some background into the materials used in the construction relative to the period of the home which helps us in knowing how to maintain the home. We had a few concerns, Eben put our mind at ease, definitely worth getting his team in for a home inspection before buying any property.


Jean-Marc and Jack are competent and professional

The final report is incredibly comprehensive. It highlights all aspects that a prospective homeowner should take into consideration when purchasing a property (including an executive summary and detailed subsections thereafter).

After service is equally impressive. Jean-Marc takes additional time to discuss any aspects of the report in an unbiased manner.

HIGHLY recommended!


Dear Jean-Marc…

…Sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply to this. I want to thank you for your thorough report and your excellent service throughout the process – turns out the sellers aren’t prepared to accept a lower offer, and might even take the house off the market. I’m quite relieved, actually, given how much work would have been required to get the house into shape!

You’re welcome to use my comments in the testimonial section of your website – I’d recommend your services to anyone who’s house hunting and wants peace of mind.

Warmest regards

Tania and Karel Erasmus

Many thanks!

Hi Jean-Marc

Thank you so much for your extensive and thorough inspection we really appreciate it. Your level of professionalism and service and the detail of your report is awesome and we will most definitely recommend Home Inspection.

Many thanks and kind regards

Magda Pieterse

Very helpful advice

Dear Jean-Marc,

I just want to thank you again for the service we got from you with regard to the home inspection of the property in Ferndale. You were very helpful with your advice from the first telephone call I made to you. As buying a new house is a huge investment and often quite a frightful experience, it really gave us incredible peace of mind to have an inspection done to ascertain the true condition and value of the house. You were very accommodating with your time and it was a great relief that you could do the inspection so quickly. Your report was available the day after the inspection, but it was even nicer that I could already phone you the evening of the inspection and get your verbal feedback. The detail of the report and the extent of the feedback was very thorough and much more than we expected. Not only do we appreciate your service, but will recommend you to any prospective buyer of a house. So much problems can be minimised or eliminated by having a proper inspection report and going into the acquisition of a house with open eyes. We will keep the photo record as a guideline for future maintenance and upkeep of the property – forewarned is definitely being forearmed.

Thank you again!

Kind regards,

Dr Gopie

The first rule!

The first rule of purchasing a house: get a professional home inspection!

It is unfortunate that in South Africa profession, appropriately qualified and trusted home inspectors are a scarcity for home-purchasers. With the soaring property prices and interest rates you have to be certain of the method (and persons) you employ to do your home inspection. You need some-one who has your best interest at heart and a home inspection report that will uphold in cases of possible legal proceedings.

The task (of finding a suitably qualified home inspector) would have been made more difficult had I not chosen wisely…being the only registered professional company in South Africa, I decided to err on the side of caution and employed the services of Mr Steve Kay.

Although I was not personally on site at the first home inspection, the comprehensive report that I received days later made me confident I had chosen the best! Needless to say, I utilised this report to my advantage and negotiated with the seller. I trusted Mr Steve Kay’s advise so much, that months later when I encountered a worrisome structural situation at the property I again called upon his services prior to contacting my own insurance company.

After an inspection, he managed to not only allay my fears but also went above the ‘call of service’ and assisted with a bothersome chimney cowl which was not even the reason for me consulting him!

My advise: Take the headache out of home inspection and consult Steve!

Kind regards


Thanks a million!

I am so relieved I used Home Inspection services before jumping into a house purchase!

As a first-time home buyer, and a newcomer to South Africa, the process of buying a house is daunting. Having an inspection carried out was the first time I really felt I had someone looking out for my interests during the process.

The detailed feedback you provided, and the high-quality report you produced in a timely fashion helped me think twice about the house I had picked out, and gave me a much clearer idea of what to look for in a property. I’ve already recommended you to several friends also in the market for buying.

I’m still searching for the right place to purchase, but will definitely use your services again before I finalize an offer!


One very happy customer

Thank you very much for this detailed report. I can not believe all the places you checked and how thorough you were.

You have certainly made the prospect of buying a repossessed property much less daunting and whats more I know exactly what to tell the renovator. I sincerely appreciate your superb service and will certainly recommend that all family and friends contact you if and when they purchase a property.

Once again thank you very much and congratulation on a job very very well done.

Fulvia Strydom

Thanks a ton!

Thanks a ton for such a professional and thorough inspection and report!

The attorneys have recently requested the snagging list so the timing has been perfect. I will only forward the Snagging List and accompanying photos to them as you suggest. I will also notify them of the fact that correct/amended plans of the property have not been received.

D. Edwards

Incredible attention to detail

As overseas purchasers we are grateful to Mr. Kay of Home Inspection Services for giving us an initial appraisal of the preferred location and its crime statistics.

We then invited Home Inspection Services to snag our new build house. Every inch was inspected from the rooftop to the floor area and grounds. An extensive list of problems was reported. We feel that the extent of our problems is unusual and unfortunate. However, thank to Mr. Kay we are making fantastic progress.

What has been incredible is the attention to detail in the reports, photographic documentation, advice of legal requirements, measures and tolerances, investigative knowledge and official representation.

I doubt many purchasers are likely to encounter the range of problems that we have, and we can only extol the virtues and professionalism of Mr. Kay in helping us to bring them to a satisfactory conclusion.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Kay and Home Inspection Services to anyone purchasing a home in the Western Cape.


Clear and unbiased report!

Thank you, Mr. Kay Home Inspection Services, for the report on the property in Somerset West.

We can now negotiate with the seller with the clear an unbiased report which Home Inspection Services supplied. We would never have thought about going into the loft or questioning further why the pool was green. As you know we only looked at the house 2 days before we left for overseas, and we are grateful for your response time on inspecting the property, plus the speed with which we received your report.

Hope to see you in October, when we finally retire in the sun. Kind Regards

Thank you, Home Inspection Services, for the mini report. You put our minds at rest regarding the plaster cracks and for pointing out the leaks under the two sinks, and that the overflow from the gutters was purely from dirt and pine needles in the down pipe.

S. Davis

I am so pleased!

Thank you Mr Kay,

You have enabled me to walk away from making a disastrous purchase. I am so pleased that I was recommended by a realtor to contact you for advice. On the face of it, my chosen property looked a good buy.

However, following your detailed survey the expected cost to put it right proved it was not. It is said that your home is your biggest purchase in life and a holiday home must be a close second. I will not hesitate to contact you again when I find another property worthy of consideration.

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