Northern Cape

The Northern Cape  is the largest and most sparsely populated province of South Africa. It is South Africa’s largest province taking up about a third of the country’s total land area.  The capital of the province is Kimberley – a diverse and interesting city.  The province is easily accessible with two major airports situated at Kimberley and Upington and has a good road network. The Northern Cape has a shoreline in the west on the South Atlantic Ocean. It borders areas of Namibia and Botswana.

Whether you prefer the ocean, the desert, the bush or quirky towns rich in history and culture, the Norther Cape is a must-see destination. The Namaqualand region in the west of the province is famous for its Namaqualand daisies. It possesses several national parks, including: the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and an international park shared with Botswana. The Northern Cape has a history immersed in San rock art with cave sites including Wonderwerk Cave near Kuruman.

The vast terrain of the Northern Cape lends itself to several outdoor activities such as: hiking, mountain biking, quad biking, canoeing on the Orange River, to name but a few.

The town of Sutherland boasts the southern hemisphere’s largest astronomical observatory, the sponsored Southern African Large Telescope.  It is a popular town with stargazers – even though bitterly cold in winter – and many keen budding and hobby astrologers flock there to see the stars from clear skies.

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