Common Home Inspection Problems

Below we have listed some of the common home inspection problems we find:

Examples of existing property problems:

• Geysers – No drip trays fitted, overflow pipes not extending to the outside walls. Relief valve pipes not fitted.
• Cracks in the slab
• Extension slabs moving away from main slab
• Vent holes not going through to cavity
• Misaligned trusses and missing trusses
• Roof tiles missing, broken and damaged, not level or straight – roof sag
• Plaster flaking or not adhering to bricks
• Plumbing incorrectly sealed. Leaks – toilets, basins and baths
• Surfaces (Kitchen, bathrooms) damaged or not level
• Toilets not operating correctly
• Drain water – from sinks and baths, not correct
• Gutters and downpipes not secured or adequate
• Water and drain pipes joined together with rubber sheeting and held with hose clamps
• Partitions secured to walls hiding major cracks
• Carpets/Mats covering foundation cracks – cracked, hollow tiles
• Rising damp being covered by furniture.
• Window rot being painted over
• Perimeter walls and fencing – badly damaged and cracking
• Swimming pool underground piping pulling air
• Evidence of rodents in roof spaces
• Tree roots disturbing driveways, paths, walls
• Rot in IBR roofing/hold down nails not secured/not sealed
• Temporary sealing of flat roofs with rubber matting

Please let us know if you would like us to come and inspect your home as this is only the tip of the ice berg.