A Home Inspection report is a tool for the seller to prove to the buyer the honesty and integrity of the seller. Having a Home Inspection report, up front, can only be an advantage to both the seller and the buyer.

The seller can market the home with the confidence that they are in compliance with the new Consumer Protection Act, Section 55, when the “As Is” or “Voetstoots” clause falls away.

A Home Inspection Services report gives the seller the confidence to sell their property knowing that all potential problems are listed therefore, eliminating the non disclosure section of the Offer to Purchase Agreement.

It also gives the seller a chance to rectify any defects there may be with the property. We have found at Home Inspection Services that buyers are normally curious of:

  • Why the property is for sale.
  • What could be wrong, if anything, with the property.
  • How much it will cost to rectify any problems that they are unaware of.