Recently I joined Home Inspection Services South Africa to learn and discover why it is important to hire a qualified home inspector before purchasing a house. I never really understood why getting a home inspector works in your favour. Anybody can see where the problems are when viewing a house, right?… WRONG!

There are a lot of people who don’t understand the value of a home inspection. I didn’t either and I asked questions like: What is home inspection?  Why is it important? Can’t I do it myself and why should I pay someone to inspect a house when I can do it myself?… So I dove deeper to discover what a Home Inspector does and what they stand for. 



On my journey I realized that we tend to miss the finer detail when it comes to making big decisions like buying a house. The excitement that we experience when buying or getting something new causes us to ignore all the things around it that may be important.

As I tagged along with inspectors, everything became clearer to me. One of the biggest threats to a house is damp inside the structure. Home Inspectors test the walls for damp and can easily tell you what the reasons are for the damp and how to resolve it. Damp can affect the structure in the long run and is expensive to fix. Like damp, there are a lot of other things that affect the structural integrity of a building, which the Home Inspectors are trained to find.

When buying a house, it is these small things that we don’t see or know about that can cost us a lot of money in the future. I discovered that when a Home Inspector inspects a home, they easily find problems that we miss because of our lack of knowledge when it comes to the structure of a building.




After spending time and going on inspections with the Home Inspectors, I can say with confidence that what they do is crucial.

I have come to the conclusion that, because you never know what lies beneath the surface in any prospective property, hiring a home inspector should be at the top of your list when looking to purchase a house.

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“I can say with confidence that what they do is crucial. “

– Derron Hollenbach