estate-agentsOn 1st April 2011 South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act became law. Section 55 of this Act places a responsibility on Estate Agents to ensure that potential buyers are fully informed regarding the condition of the property. The “As Is” or “Voetstoots”clause in an Offer to Purchase will no longer protect Estate Agents from the perils of non-disclosure. This means that the challenge for Estate Agents is to provide full disclosure up-front to potential buyers.

However, how does the Estate Agent comply with the new law without personally climbing into the ceiling and onto the roof?In response to the Consumer Protection Act, we have launched the new Home Inspection Audit (HIA) which is designed to assist Estate Agents (and sellers) fulfill their responsibilities under the new law. The HIA Report is a visual structural check – as opposed to our detailed report which details all observable defects however minor.

This package is designed to assist the Estate Agent by documenting observable defects in the essential components of the house – roof, gutters, downpipes and storm water control; roof cavity; foundations; plumbing; drains etc. The seller then has an opportunity to either remedy the defects, or to simply disclose these defects to the buyer by showing the buyer the Home Inspection Audit Report. Home Inspection Audit homes may be advertised as such – thereby attracting more buyers because of the quality control assurance provided by the Home Inspection Audit Report.The HIA Report satisfies the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act and will protect Estate Agents (and their sellers) from non-disclosure.

The HIA Report has been priced competitively. This inspection will take 2 – 2 ½ hours (for a standard 3 bedroomed single storey property) and the HIA Report should be available within 48 hours of the inspection.

For more information please contact Home Inspection Services on (+27) 021 855 206